We List Things

An archive! Of things we like or don’t like! (I know what you’re thinking: “SCORE.” Yes indeedy, it is exciting.)

Stuff Heather thinks is “super, super great”

  • when her mom compares Rush Limbaugh to the claw machine from Toy Story
  • Panic at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd.
  • seagulls flying around on campus
  • the plural “-i”
  • ballsy women in Restoration drama (e.g.,Hellena in The Rover)
  • being alive
  • the Coraline movie (even without the rat song)
  • Cracked.com
  • [Jonathan Richman &] the Modern Lovers
  • Jon Hamm’s appearance (and subsequent departure –– wtf happened?) on 30 Rock
  • killer rabbit slippers
  • the Oscars (aka Kate Winslet and Slumdog Millionaire)
  • the word “octomom,” but not the person
  • receiving letters very late, which feels like talking to friends after a long time –– which is another thing she likes
  • when the State sings instrumental music
  • songs that go from slow to fast, soft to rousing
  • that obnoxious-but-funny video she found of a stupid dancing cockatoo
  • Kate Beaton’s comics
  • that one Bollywood movie she saw that had Shah Rukh Khan in it
  • “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!”
  • the Nicholas Cage Game (you’ve done it again, Dan O’Brien!)
  • costume parties
  • love
  • Stuart Dybek’s “We Didn’t”
  • Watchmen as a Saturday cartoon
  • sleeping

Stuff Rachel fucking HATES

  • fake gay people
  • slow computers/Internet
  • sweaters that she doesn’t have already
  • friggin’ PETA
  • when eggplant is made badly and tastes gross, disappointing everyone
  • the press exhibiting Rihanna’s bruised face
  • covers of Ani DiFranco that are suckass enough to play in hair salons
  • snow/cold/winter
  • homework
  • the cost of postage
  • overstaffing in our office, so that there’s nothing to do
  • douchebag customers
  • our research project for class
  • Fred Phelps
  • Michel friggin’ Foucault
  • crying at public events (movies, plays, etc.)
  • the fact that Emile Hirsch is A) Emile Hirsch, and not Cleve Jones, in real life and B) not her husband
  • the inability of Salman Rushdie to pare down Midnight’s Children
  • “Sandstorm”
  • her pants
  • friends who flake out
  • the ratio of Nicholas Cage’s salary to the suckiness of his movies
  • Regina Spektor’s inability to come out with new material
  • losing (to her mom!) at Lexulous
  • the new Twitter-like Facebook
  • the bagelerie shutting down at 4pm on a fucking FRIDAY
  • the costs of doing laundry

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