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the circle of life

I won a fellowship today.  I’m excited.  It funds part of the tuition cost to attend an international writing seminar later this year.

It’s highly unlikely I can afford it, though, even with the partial fellowship.  But damned if I don’t try.

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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Weird Al released a new album, Alpocalypse, today.  You think I would be kind of blasé about this, as I’m no longer twelve.  I thought that too — until I heard the damn thing, that is.  Amazon’s selling it for $3.99!  How could I not buy it?  In fact, I am rocking out to “Party in the CIA” right now.  (Afterward, I’ll play “Polka Face,” Alpocalypse‘s obligatory polka medley of pop songs, and then maybe “Perform This Way,” and then “Craigslist.”)

Yesterday, Flavorwire published an article entitled “How to Drink Like Your Favorite Authors.”  Relevant to our interests here at HRHF?  Why yes, I would say so.

Pretty much every Robyn track I have in iTunes.  Not many, to be fair.  But boy howdy, if there was ever music made for public street dancing, Robyn is the one who made it.  (And Gaga, obviously.  And La Roux.  But Robyn’s up there, is what I’m saying.  Have you heard “Fembot”?  Or “Stars 4-Ever,” the spelling of which doesn’t even bother me in the face of its mad beatz?  Or, or “Indestructible”?  Or goddamned motherfucking “Call Your Girlfriend”?)

Poets & Writers has been posting weekly writing prompts for lackluster/slacker writers like me.  Thank you, Poets & Writers!  Getting back into the habit of writing — and trying other kinds of writing, too, like (bad) poetry and whatnot — is one of my major goals for the summer, so maybe this will help me stay on track.  (That being said, I thought a certain July deadline would keep me on track and I just threw out my draft to start over yesterday, so.  Hrm.)

The New Yorker thinks we should read aloud more.  I wholly agree.  That’s all.

To conclude the Writing Portion of this week’s SG installment, the Rumpus posted an essay called “No One Can Take a Bath for You: Why I Write.”   This, among other things (see above), has instilled in me a new determination to get productive and make things.  Stories, largely, but also things like plays or songs or burlesque pasties.  They’re not going to make themselves.

Also, I am about to go cook the first macaroni and cheese I will have eaten since Christmas.  How is that possible??  I am not even a vegan.  I fucking love cheese.  Oh man, oh man.  Why am I still blogging, you ask?  Why, that is a good question.  Goodnight and good luck.

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