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How was everyone’s Val Day? Nice, I hope. Mine was pretty okay. A couple of weeks ago my parents had the idea of taking me and my cousin to a casino this weekend, so our Valentine’s Day consisted mostly of riding in the car. I was less excited about the actual casino part than the idea of eating at Mystic Pizza, to be honest. (For those who don’t know, Mystic Pizza is a romcom from the 80s, one of Julia Roberts’ first films, set at an existing pizzeria of the same name. I’ve never actually seen the movie but it used to be a big deal, and I’m overly attracted to famous things. You should have seen the first time I saw Planet Hollywood.)

So the four of us ate where Julia Roberts once pretended to be in love, and then we came back to the hotel. My cousin and I argued over what movie to watch on pay-per-view and eventually did a coin toss, which I won. And let me say, I’m glad I did. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is a cute, funny movie that’s actually kind of realistic (in a skewed way, like with Juno, except the characters speak like real people). Exactly the kind of movie I’d want to watch on February 14: the kind where you cheer on the romantic leads but it’s not heartrippingly painful if obstacles are thrown in their way (unlike, say, Atonement, which fucking killed me). My cousin, who’d been pulling for My Best Friend’s Girl on the hotel PPV, liked Nick and Norah too –– so that’s got to mean something. It’s romantic/cute in a Wall-E sort of way, but to a lesser extent. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to get cuter than lonely animated robots.

Unless you count the multitude of babies being carried by their parents in the casino today, that is. Babies everywhere and none of them cried. What is up with that? Who brings their infant to a gambling den? “Well, there goes your college education, honey. Better get that lemonade stand going. Who cares that you can’t walk, we’ll just dress you up and prop you in a chair.” The complex has more than just casinos, yeah –– it has shops and restaurants and a few theaters –– but the purpose of the place is still to lose all your money and/or smoke. Not hang out with your baby. Then again, my parents brought me –– can I judge? I am, after all, a gaming noob. I spent all afternoon at the penny slots and won a total of $1.91. It’s not like I won a car. (However! Everyone I came with ended up in the red. And I left with more money than I brought! I’m a bit impressed with myself, not gonna lie.)

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