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t-hesis 12 hours

I have so many feelings right now, and all of them are terrible.



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feel free to mess with texas

Jesus fucking Christ, this happened – police officers in Fort Worth raided a gay bar on the anniversary of Stonewall.  Are you joking me? Hey Texas (also one of the last states in the Union to have an anti-sodomy law, and actually use it to try to prosecute), go fuck yourself. If you leave in or near Texas, please take one for the team and make a fuss about this. If you don’t live in or near Texas, please do yourself a favor and never go there ever.

PS Sorry this blog has been so angry and also gay lately. I would love to stop focusing on this kind of thing, but it’s hard when it just won’t stop happening. Help keep HeatherandRachel fun and pointless by keeping your local homophobes in check!

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