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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Alex Day. Guys, I am no longer quite so embarrassed to admit that the New Year’s Party I attended devolved into me, the Poet, the Professor and the Doctor sitting around a computer and performing mocking Dramatic Readings from the Amazon samples of Twilight and New Moon.  This guy does it too!  And he probably does it better than we did.  He’s got eleven chapters up so far, and here’s the first:

Nice weather. I wore shorts today.  SHORTS!  In March!  I also ate my lunch outside and worried I would burn my calves.  It has been an exciting day for sure.

The creative writing faculty. Man, everyone is so nice to me about my thesis!  Good thing someone has faith, amirite?

Internet media, apparently. If I ever decide to start up a MySpace, we will know I have become an addict.  Please stop me before that happens.

Sady’s analysis of “Telephone.” There is legitimately nothing I could say here that would be funnier or more astute than that.

The stage production of The Lion King. OMG SO GOOD, and not just because the LK ties with Mulan as my favorite Disney movie.  Guys, the puppetry in that show is RIDICULOUS.  Look at these giraffes:

Yeah, those are people wearing giant attachments on their heads and stilts on their extremities.


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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Weird Al’s “Craigslist.” Also, Craigslist.

A Model World, Michael Chabon. By this point it is an automatic reaction to enjoy reading Michael Chabon’s work.  But regardless, the stories in this collection are fascinating technically just because they take place, typically, over one day or event; many of them last only one encounter.  My favorite is probably “S ANGEL,” though the one with Bobby Lazar –– can’t recall the title now –– is really good as well.

“The Dinner Party,” Joshua Ferris. Like the stories in A Model World, this story unfolds during a singular evening.  The way Ferris illustrates an entire marriage through dialogue about babies and couple-friends and Kung Fu Panda is amazing.  I have an official writer-crush on him.

Cats. Specifically: of course my own, who  has taken this hanging-out-with-other-cats thing more in stride than I expected, but also the shelter’s Amigo (a very friendly adult male who, due to nasal congestion, constantly sneezes when awake and snores when asleep) and as-yet-unnamed white kitten (who has a large mysterious wound by its shoulder and likes to push its head against the cage door, purring loudly when you cave and pet it).

Texts from Last Night. Raunchy, personal, bitchy, quirky, usually drunk –– TFLN is wildly inappropriate for work and totally hilarious.  Like looking into someone’s mind, really.  The best ones are conversations, and here’s an example:
” (410): can you sing with all the voices of the mountain? can you paint with al the colors of the windddd
(443): wasted?
(410): im pocohantasssss”

Leave an Idea, Take an Idea. What a good idea!

The sun! Thank you for making an appearance, however late.

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