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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Guys, Rachel got her post up before mine this week.  Can we get a WHAT-WHAT for the girl?

Guster. I forgot how much I liked them until I went to see them recently.  Spoiler alert: I like them a lot!  I missed their peppy music while they were off becoming dads and growing interesting facial hair.  (We were in the back, but I’m pretty sure the Thundergod grew a handlebar mustache.)  Apparently I did not miss them as much as the guy next to us, however, who yelled “YEAHHH GUSSSSSSTER!!!” during almost every break between songs.  No joke –– I started counting each time he didn’t yell and only got to four.

My friend the Graduate has parlayed her love of literature into a soapmaking business! I am going to buy SO MANY.  I really want the Dante’s Inferno one, but it’s got a touch of pine in it and I hate the scent of pine.  Ah, woe!  I feel like I’m lost in a dark wood, you guys.  (See what I did there?)  A dark wood of feeling indecisive over what soap to buy. So essentially, like I’m in Bath and Body Works.

I pine for a version of this soap without pine in it

I had coffee with a prof this week and it was really nice! I had a great time during the actual conversation and felt wonderful until about five minutes after he left, when I started to worry that I talked too much about myself.  Then for the rest of the afternoon I regretted everything I’d said.  It was not unlike a social reincarnation of Tuesday lunchtime, when I decided cafeteria sushi was a good idea and felt all sophisticated eating it.  But!  Point being, my prof is awesome.

Watching someone’s hands as s/he plays piano. It gives me a mental image of spiders engaging in a joyous dance-off in the middle of a park on a sunny day.

Some of the spam comments we get. Thank you for asking if we know how to solve the recession, but I’m pretty sure we don’t.  Nor do we have helpful information for veterinary school, “How-to-become-a-Vetnarian.”  But on the bright side, getting your arm stuck in a boxspring because you’re trying to retrieve your phone is apparently trendy these days!


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