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Stuff Rachel Fucking Hates

Sorry this is so late, guys. I had a lot of stuff to do today, like get my hair cut and nap. I hate stuff, though! No worries there.

Publishing Rihanna’s Photo. Listen, guys, I don’t know what happened with Rihanna and Chris Brown, and neither do you. But everyone on the internet now knows what her face looked like immediately afterwards, and that is not okay. Leave the woman alone.  You are not so lucky and blessed that nothing bad will ever happen to you; when it does, you are not going to want a receptionist in Newark calling her friends over to check out your swollen eyes on their lunch break.

Shitty Covers of Ani Songs. I appreciate your admiration of Ani’s music; I am really into her too. But it is pretty surreal to hear your marshmallowy, bubblegum-pop cover of 32 Flavors piped into an upscale hair salon where they charge $30 for a tube of lipstick. Cut that shit out.

PETA, still. You may remember last week when PETA spent the day cavorting around Madison Square Garden in white hoods and robes. As part of their ongoing mission to offend everyone ever, they also have a publicity stunt on their “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers” tour that features two pretty ladies clad only in pink underwear and tube socks makin’ out on top of a parade float. Thanks for that, guys! Commodification of women’s bodies is something I’m really into, but you went the extra mile when you used the motif of cute, straight-looking “lesbians” to sell something. Two thumbs up!

Being cold. It snowed overnight, but the only shoes I brought home with me on break are sneakers. I was out and about all morning, and when I got home realized that a) my shoes had soaked through, and my socks and feet were cold and wet, and b) I hadn’t noticed, because they were too cold to feel anything.

Homework. My mom was relaxing in the Dominican Republic this week with her boyfriend; one of my good friends was waltzing around Paris with her best friend; someone else was apparently doing Maui in a rented convertible. I, on the other hand, have a lot of reading left to do, and also it is cold outside, see item #4. I feel like I got the short end of a stick, somehow.

It’s 1 am now, and I am going to try to get some more done before I go to sleep tonight. I hope everyone else is doing something more fun right now than watching the Food Network with their cats and keeping their paper open on a task bar. Goodnight, sweet dreams!

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