Heather and Rachel Have Feelings was started one morning over bagels, when Heather said that instead of figuring out what to do with their lives they should make an Internet startup company and just be writers on the web. Then Rachel asked who would pay them to do that and Heather didn’t have an answer.

Hence: welcome! This is our blog. We talk about our feelings. Sometimes Heather posts doodles of famous people and/or fictional characters. Sometimes Rachel ranks things, usually in categorized lists of five.  Fridays, we get our opinion on.


4 responses to “About

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  3. Hi hi,
    sooo…i can’t remember how i stumbled onto your guys’ blog but i guess its not important now. what IS important is that i really genuinely like it, so much so that i felt compelled to start my OWN blog that i think you might like. maybe. blog friends?
    only us explorers get it,
    ryan h.

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