sexy bold American summer

Tonight I went with a friend (hereby called the Girl on Fire) to something she calls “spinjam,” where a dozen or two dozen people gather together in a field and practice poi, among other things (e.g. contact and traditional staff, metal fans, juggling).  The Girl on Fire specializes in poi; I tried the poi, the staff and a weighted red stick on a string.  I’m not sure if spinjam is my thing, but it was pretty amazing to see everyone doing theirs.  After the sun went down, some people soaked the weighted ends of their poi in fuel and lit them on fire.

I realized, during this experience, that I am incredibly lazy.  (I wasn’t always.  I’m not sure what happened.)

Last summer was my Summer of 2011: Time to Be Bold campaign.  This year, the summer will be 2 Bold 2 Furious.  Thusly, an official Start of Summer 2012 to-do list:

  1. Learn advanced Photoshop.
  2. Learn basic CSS.
  3. Learn basic JavaScript.
  4. Learn how to do something in Excel beyond, like, typing stuff in boxes.
  5. Release Broad! #2 already.
  6. Find hobby that I am as passionate about as the Girl on Fire is about poi.
    1. Hip-hop?  Tango?
    2. Archery?
  7. Take far more baths.
  8. Read more (and actually complete the book — no more reading three books at a go).
  9. Finish that fucking story already.
  10. Swim.
  11. Go paintballing.
  12. Choreograph new burlesque routine; put together costume.
  13. Be more adventurous in cooking.
  14. Throw dinner parties.
  15. Submit to litmags for publication.
  16. Be the best aunt ever (i.e. buy her safari-themed baby things, read her books about magic and heart and feminism, talk to her in a normal human voice, pinch her tiny chubby cheeks).
  17. Camp.

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