things I learned today

  • the origin story of M&Ms
  • how to “elevate the mundane”
  • “the #1 Fear He Has About Sex” (thanks, Cosmo!)
  • Alexis Bledel has joined Mad Men
  • proper techniques for ridding your bathroom of tiny black ants
  • it doesn’t matter how many times I submit a story for workshopping, it will still make me anxious all day
  • details re: the personal life of a certain doppelganger I know
  • how to battle your other self while time-traveling
  • paradoxes are likely unavoidable while time-traveling, but what to do if you need to undo one
  • I don’t like the cookies at [bagel eatery] nearly as much as I believe
  • I miss blogging?
  • if you squash bees to kill them, they release a swarm of pheromones upon the moment of death, hearkening a whole new crowd of bees to that spot

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