GGCEx: All of the Cheese

(Alternative sandwich title: So Cheezy, Ho, My Swag’s Got High Cholesterol.)

Sometimes you have the intention to make avocado breakfast panini you found on the Internet, but somehow by the time you get home it’s 9:12pm and you’re starving and the idea of cooking an egg and slicing up an avocado in ADDITION to grilling a sandwich seems waaaaaaaay too much time before you can eat, so you throw every cheese in your fridge into the sandwich instead.  Bam.  Oh, and you burn the sandwich because you’re busy writing a blog post instead of watching the George Foreman.  So your sandwich looks like this:



  • “country white” bread, whatever the hell “country white” means
  • American cheese, 2 slices
  • feta
  • shredded nacho/taco cheese, however much you want


Cheesy!  Duh.  Super delicious.  The individual cheeses are not terribly easy to distinguish once they’ve melted together.  I’d say that it tasted like boxed macaroni and cheese, actually, if you had bread instead of pasta.  So if you like the idea of a mac and cheese sandwich, this is the one for you.


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