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GGCEx: Buffalo Benny

I have three meals’ worth of leftovers in my fridge and two meals’ worth of space in my fridge.  One of these leftover cartons is large and housing Buffalo chicken.  I like buffalo chicken, cheese, and this recipe looked awesome.  So: buffalo grilled cheese!


  • buffalo chicken tenders, cut up into bits
  • “farmhouse” sourdough bread
  • Caesar dressing
  • American cheese
  • goat cheese
  • cream cheese


Okay, so maybe I didn’t feel like buying the actual ingredients the above hyperlinked recipe called for.  I had three kinds of cheese (wait, no, four.  FOUR!) in the vegetable drawer already and didn’t foresee me using up all the crumbled blue cheese Shaw’s had on tap.  And like, why buy blue cheese dressing when you have Caesar’s you (eventually) need to use up anyway?  Right?  So this sandwich was going to be a cross between the sandwich linked above and the Buffalo Ranch Melt at Denny’s.  Except then I discovered my goat cheese was growing dark green fuzz and my cream cheese smelled kind of questionable.  Oops.

The sandwich went from a poor woman’s Blue Buffalo to a poor woman’s Denny’s, is what I’m saying.

It is probably the best sandwich I will make all year.


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hello again

I have had a headache since Saturday morning.  Actually, wait, I took ibuprofen for it at the restaurant with the Sister Figure on Friday, didn’t I?  Okay, then, Friday night.  I have been weirdly tired and dealing with a continuous headache since Friday night.  Wake up with it, fall asleep with it.

Today at work, when the ibuprofen I took (again) failed to do its job, this began to worry me.

At first I attributed the headache to my weekend being busy, or noise levels on my parents’ televisions — I was visiting for a couple days — or stress.  Or being tired.  But medicine would have to start working at some point, right?  So then I thought, in typical fashion, What If I Have a BRAIN TUMOR.  “do you think i have a tumor, y/n,” I asked a coworker. “n,” she said, “you are probably dehydrated.”  I checked the symptoms just now, and looks like she’s right.

(She always seems to be right.)

In other, funnier news, my mom called to find out how to block people on Facebook.  Some strange man messaged her requesting pics because he “really wants to get to know her better” (!!! OMG).  So my mom called Dad in to read this and said, “I still got it!”  (and, I imagine, snapped her fingers in a Z-shape). He read it over and said, “Well, I always knew that.”

Also, the dude used “God bless” as his closing signature, so as to seem less questionable.  But I’m onto you, [Redacted].  I know your first name.  You’re not troubling MY mom, that’s for sure.

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