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greetings from the island of misfit toys, where no one ever blogs anymore

So it finally feels like December.  My apartment is cold but festive, the air’s dry enough that I anticipate snow at any given moment, and the soup broth I’m heating on the stove to make risotto is treacherously close to spilling over the lip of its saucepan.  Pardon me.



As I said, it finally feels like December in this part of the world; the alarmingly mild days have given way to thirty-degree winds and grey Magic gloves.  I feel drunk with love for everyone in the world today.  The sparkling lights outside are a drug.  The Christmas tree in our living room fills my heart with the sort of glee one used to obtain solely through eating an entire Pixie Stick.  This tree is the first one I bought on my own, it is rotund, and it is baller.

And God said, "Let there be baller Christmas trees." And it was so.

Also, there’s this tree, which my roommate made out of fishing line, ornaments and magic.

I realize that for some, the forced pep of the commercial Christmas season only serves to make them more annoyed.  I know; it’s the worst. We’ve all been there.  I worked two retail jobs last year at Christmas and basically wanted to drive my car into a lake the entire time.  But this year, I am happy!  Christmas is a week from today!  And I love all you cats and kittens.  Let’s be friends forever, even after our brains and hearts are cryogenically defrosted and placed in new cybernetic vessels, as they undoubtedly will be in The Future.

May you and yours have a happy, safe, lovely holiday season regardless what holiday you celebrate (or don’t), where you are warm and loved and needed (ideally, while underneath a Snuggie on a sofa).

Best wishes,

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