the devolution of an evening

1. Party tonight!  Halloween Party the First!

2. I should get dressed in my costume for the party now, so I am ready.

3. I’ll watch the pilot of Walking Dead, since there’s time before I leave.  It will get me in the mood for a Halloween party.

4. This is probably not something I should watch before going out alone into the night.


6. Google Maps says I have to walk through that area where a woman got attacked last weekend in order to get to the party.

7. I wish I had someone to go with me.

8. Why am I falling asleep? Stop falling asleep, it’s 10:30.  Fuck, I forgot to take a nap earlier.  That’s what this is about.

9. Maybe I should stay home.

10. I am going to a Halloween party tomorrow night, too. There will be other chances to get drunk with costumed acquaintances.

10. I will stay home and drink beer and watch zombies drag their entrails.

11. No, I’ll make a whiskey with hot cocoa.  Better idea.

12. After this episode I’ll make that hot cokie, I will.  Also I should probably change out of my costume.  But then I’d have to take the Snuggie off.

13. Okay, really?  Falling asleep at the very end of The Walking Dead?  You’ve made it through one episode.  Jeepers.

14. I can’t get up from this couch.  Ever.


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