One  day –– one day soon, I hope –– when I am less busy with Broad! (submission deadline in FOURTEEN DAYS, everyone!  You have until October 1!) and going on blind dates and, like, doing my actual job, I will get back to blogging properly.  I will write about things I find Super Great (e.g. my papasan chair; Spotify; little dogs on the local bike path) and about my daily life (e.g. Thai food; my supposed “spirit animal”; the man I saw jerking off behind a tree at half past midnight two Sundays ago, with his body facing the bike path, and my immediate desire to tweet about it on my phone).  I will do this blogging soon.  Within a few weeks, let’s say.  Max.

Until then, I leave you with this:

Have a lovely Saturday.

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One response to “gpoy

  1. emma

    can’t believe you just said “jerking off”

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