hello internet! i am now writing on you from a different location and via a different, and for the time being stolen, internet connection. i hope it’s still as good for you as it is for me. mostly i’ve been hanging out and doing some pretty cool stuff, like unpacking boxes, collapsing unpacked boxes, not unpacking the boxes full of shit that i don’t know what to do with (extra ice cube trays???) and one time eating at a bob evans with my dad, which was weird. i’ve been to meijer two times and hope to never go again, and have cooked exactly one thing inside my tiny, childlike almost easy-bake 3/4 size oven. (it was broccoli.) so far this place seems pretty cool, especially since i don’t know anyone here really and therefore most of my social interaction has been with postal workers. (who seem cool!) there is a book arts center which i will go to next week and hopefully take classes at, and tomorrow i think i will finally venture to a cafe because i am a grown ass woman and i can pay someone else to make my coffee for me. what have you been doing?

also, batia gave me these for my birthday, which was neat. and terrifying.

And I found a really great picture of Bobby Seale eating breakfast. The end.



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