jaane kyun

this is what my room has looked like for the past ~3 days:

I think I need to get rid of that ski jacket you can see hanging in the closet, I’ve had that since like 2004. Anyways clearly my entire life is an equivalent huge mess, and all I do now is eat scones until I’m physically ill and play the X Files on Netflix on my shitty connection and pack in between mild panic attacks. The good news is that I’ve had occasion to try many new and exciting ways to drink tequila! Also, duh, Jaane Kyun. I hope you’re all having great weekends!! xoxo, gossip girl.



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2 responses to “jaane kyun

  1. Heather

    If I wear an Abhishek facial-hair wig, will that be enough to get you to stay?

  2. ediddy

    this is perfect. ive been you. just keep chugging…exciting things ahead! after xfiles, i recommend misfits on hulu 🙂 cheers!

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