you are cordially invited

Today, after thinking that watching the two-minute episode promos for “My Strange Addiction” might somehow improve my weekend and realizing I was INCREDIBLY WRONG, I instead decided to try to design the most uncomfortable and therefore funniest dinner party invitee list in my power. My results:

  • my landlord
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • my undergraduate thesis advisor (first semester) (although actually either of them would be sort of hilarious)
  • my dad
  • the 70-year-old farmer I used to work for when I was 14
  • Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord
  • Ashok and/or Hari Kondabolu
  • Matt, whom I studied abroad with
What would I serve? I don’t even know! Who would you invite?


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3 responses to “you are cordially invited

  1. Heather

    Oh man. Tibetan would be excellent. You could also invite my dad and serve a salad that had apricots in it; that would be cause for much complaining. Also, both thesis advisors should be invited. Also, Das Racist? Oh, and Barack Obama wearing an outdated “Free Winona” T-shirt.

  2. Batia

    Alternate title: People Who Have Featured in My Dreams This Past Week (Maybe I Should Drink Less Coffee?)

  3. emma

    one time rachel’s rent check bounced and the landlord emailed all of us to tell us.

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