show me your teeth

Tonight was the amateur burlesque competition I signed up for six weeks ago in a fit of “let’s not think about this decision because you’ll talk yourself out of it.”  How did it go, you ask?  Did I rock the socks off everyone in the bar?

Well, I don’t know about that.  But I certainly flashed them my tits.

Other things that happened:

  • I lost my footing partway through the routine and fell on my ass (but did not sweat like a pig through the corset, so, WIN)
  • A strange man kissed my hand, then grinned gallantly and whooshed out the door (no, like, literally whooshed, there was a whooshing noise)
  • Rachel and Batia got me flowers! (and a balloon labeled “baby girl”?… !!)
  • My friends continued to be wonderful, supportive people!  I love all of you.


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2 responses to “show me your teeth

  1. emma

    i thought the falling was part of the choreography!

  2. Rachel

    DEAR WORLD: HEATHER IS REALLY PRETTY AND A GOOD DANCER AND HER TITS ARE GREAT. i can now speak from experience on all these points. also, HEATHER IS THE BEST.

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