Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

One of these days, I promise you gents and gentleladies, I will write a post that does not solely involve Super Great Stuff.  I make no promises as regards its quality of content, but I will promise you its existence.

But I digress! Onward and upward.

You guys, how could I forget how tasty yogurt is?  Like eggs, yogurt was something I did not like very much (though in this case, I just wasn’t a fan, whereas with eggs I ate them literally every day of 1991 and thusly, the flame of my fondness for eggs burned out real hard).  In an attempt to “be healthy” and “eat things that were not bread products,”  I bought ten cups of yogurt on sale last week and now eat it every day.  This may well be a repeat of the Year of the Egg, to be honest.  Not gonna lie.  2011: Summer of the Fruit Yogurt.

Also, shoutout to Special K Red Berries.  If you want to woo me with food, your best bets are Bertucci’s rolls, chicken tikka masala, boring cereal or strawberries.  If you really want a special place in my heart, you should probably put strawberries in the boring cereal!  And then, y’know, let’s go for a walk and swing our arms at our sides as if we’re not trying to hold hands.  It will be very Keira Knightley and James McAvoy under the dinner table in Atonement, except minus the sordid library sex beforehand (we can, ahem, talk about that later).  Also, ice cream!  Every walk should end in ice cream.  Or hot library sex.

Dyeing my hair.  Obvs.  It’s brown-black now, partly because the wifi cut out on Monday and partly because no one was home to tell me that black hair would make me look pale and/or waxy.  (Goth, anyway.)  I like it, but am not totally crazy about it.  But hey!  Own it, right?



Dear Sugar.  Dear Sugar, I love you.  Thank you for writing such wonderful, kind, beautiful things.  You have a big enough heart to contain the entire world.

Emma Donoghue’s Room and Danzy Senna’s Caucasia.  Neither of these books are particularly uplifting and both are really intense.  When I read them I couldn’t stop, and I felt as though I were reading something of importance as opposed to Something of Importance (I’m looking at you, Jonathan Franzen).

Have you seen the trailer for A Dangerous Method?  You should probably see the trailer for A Dangerous Method.  Here, I have embedded the video because I am a good friend/want to buy your love with free hyperlinks.


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    jung moneyyyyyy/forever jung

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