denizens of my neighborhood with whom i interacted today

Guy at liquor store – asked him for change so I could get some quarters to feed the meter. Was super nice, offered me extra quarters for some reason, and then we had a fairly legitimate “moment” characterized by inexplicably long eye contact. Left feeling good despite my mild PTSD at being in a liquor store after how much I drank last weekend.

Guy at consignment shop – attractive dude wearing beard, glasses and waistcoat who REALLY reminded me of Andrew. His name was John, said his husband had just started law school at Northeaster, was super cute.

Girl at consignment shop – lots of eyeliner and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. REALLY reminded me of my brother’s psycho ex, but I valiantly managed to not hate her despite this. Her name was also Rachel, and we had the longest conversation I’ve ever maintained about the different ways to spell it, and also about the fact that she used to work at Forever 21 in the mall.

Lady in line behind me in consignment shop  – decided she liked a dress I had brought to be consigned but that wasn’t accepted. Asked how much I wanted for it, I was confused and said “Uh, whatever, maybe like $5? I was just going to donate it.” She thought about it and said “Would you take $3?” I said yes and she asked if I could make change for a ten. Thanks to Guy At Liquor Store, I could.

Girl sitting across from me in coffee shop – did not really ‘interact,’ unless you count as ‘interaction’ that period of time where there was  really loud chiming noise in our vicinity for kind of a long time and I was like 80% sure it was coming from her laptop but she acted like she couldn’t even hear it and I never said anything about it.

Girl on the sidewalk on my way home from Market Basket – asked me if I knew whether there was  Target farther down the street, and when I didn’t answer immediately, asked again but this time pronounced Target as “Tar-jay.” I left confused as to whether that was actually a way some people think it is pronounced. (Is it?)

Guy who rang our doorbell at like 6:30 – was a stranger, turned out he was looking for someone who lives in the downstairs apartment. I showed him where their doorbell is as opposed to ours, he said “Yeah, it looks broken” and then I rang it for him. He said thanks.


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