Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

As I haven’t done this in a couple weeks –– been busy/lazy, then the computer screen broke and I had to give it to the Genius Bar for a week, etc –– there’s an assload of stuff this week, and as such this entry is going to be what Autostraddle/the Awl entitles a “listicle without commentary.”  (Except there will be minor commentary, because if you hadn’t noticed, I like to talk.)

  • Born This Way (new life goal: marry the night)
  • Pride Week/Month
  • Corsets, fishnets, suchlike
  • Clarisse Thorn’s blog on sex-positive feminism (fascinating! also, initially what I thought broke my computer)
  • this excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s forthcoming book (!!!!1!)
  • that cat-mom-hugs-baby-kitten video
  • the BBC’s Sherlock (though mostly because it produced Cumberbomb and Martin Freeman on the tee-vee)
  • the Sam/Mercedes/Samcedes pairing on Glee  (ABOUT FRIGGING TIME AMIRITE)
  • Dear Sugar (thanks Batia)
  • the New Yorker coverage of the whole Anthony Weiner thing (particularly this bit)
  • the excerpts of Jeff Bond’s fake Brady Bunch novel on McSweeney’s, Here’s the Story of a Lovely Lady (for which I have been waiting all my life)


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3 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Rachel

    i really like that you thought sex-positive feminism broke your computer

  2. Love Lady Gaga and love the blog here. Segway to my question and forgive me for commenting an old post, but: How on Earth did you get your article posted on Thought Catalog?! Loved it btw. Just seems impossible to get noticed on that site. How DID you do it?

    Thanks bye.

    • Heather

      Re: Thought Catalog: Rachel is just a really wonderful, lyrical, talented writer. Also she is a great person, but that’s neither here nor there. Keep trying, Kyle! We believe in you!

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