Stuff Rachel Suggests Having Feelings On

Hello team. I am not going to tell you about things I hate today because that takes a lot of energy and chances are you’ve all seen Grease before anyway. Instead, I am going to address the chances that you all are feeling somewhat Less Than 100% this weekend. There are a number of strategies for fixing that – positive thinking, muffins, skipping, etc – but I personally prefer the mixture of schadenfreude and guilt about your own feelings that is Other People’s Problems. So if you need to feel better by really wallowing in how badly other people have it, this is your bag! For instance:

+ You’re not dead.

+ It is highly statistically improbable that you have had to take your intoxicated and awful ex to get an emergency rectal exam!

+ Have you read Bastard Out Of Carolina yet? Maybe do that, and keep in mind that it is not actually fictional really!

+ And/or you could watch Tarnation which is streaming on Netflix. Chances are that while you may have had a mentally ill parent, been in foster care, been abused at a young age, been exposed to PCP laced with formaldehyde in your preteens, experienced depersonalization disorder, or been hospitalized multiple times before you were 18, you probably haven’t had all of them!

Ok are you done with all that? Then watch this, which Batia sent me and which is great. Have a good weekend kids!



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2 responses to “Stuff Rachel Suggests Having Feelings On

  1. Brianna

    Bastard out of Carolina has been sitting – unread – next to my bed for about four days now while I sit here and watch the x-files instead, so, um.

    I thought about watching Tarnation once but it has so many bad reviews on Netflix? I guess I’ll reconsider.

    • Rachel

      It’s very homemade and the text scrolling is annoying, and it is a little over the top at times. But also just fascinating and one of the more loving portrayals of mental illness that I feel like you’ll see? I don’t know, maybe it just felt extra personal to me, but maybe that is also the point.

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