friend indeed

what is the old saying? “ask and you shall receive?” or something about a door and a window? or an old woman and a fly? anyhow, sometime on Saturday night I was in a desperate place regarding a series of possibly-based-in-reality shows on TLC, and tweeted the following tweet:

And then, maybe sixish hours later, all my prayers were answered! Riese is a good friend and also what I believe they refer to as a “champ.”

Riese: i have some feelings about extreme couponing
  mainly i can’t stop thinking about it
  but it’s not like i want to watch all the episodes, i just want the show to ask the questions i desire answers to
  on the episodes
11:31 PM me: I just want everything for free
  I want to know how to do it
 Riese: what are they gonna do with all the paper towels though
11:32 PM like they keep acquiring more things
  do they use the things?
 me: The paper towels I get
 Riese: the mustard though
 me: but not like the mustard
 Riese: right
 me: exactly
 Riese: i just kept thinking they could sell me the mustrd
  for like 10 cents
  cuz i feel like they have too much mustard
11:33 PM me: Yeah, and the guy with all the toothpaste
  he will die before he uses it all
 Riese: right and then what
 me: but I would buy it!
11:34 PM Riese: and also do they have to get like 50 things of mustard in order to get them for free?
  also do they only eat processed foods? i’m worried for their children
 me: I don’t think so! I think its just like hoarding
 Riese: free hoarding
 me: very organized hoarding
11:35 PM ok
My IRL friend Bird also agreed to talk to me about hoarding I mean couponing, but since IRL conversations can’t be copy/pasted I will not repeat it here. Suffice to say we’re both really into Extra Care Bucks at CVS. Good work all around, team! Nice hustle! I still don’t have any free paper towels though.


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2 responses to “friend indeed

  1. Peter

    What is extreme couponing? I didn’t know it was a phenomenon.

    • Rachel

      It is both a show on TLC and a lifestyle in which one spends between six and 168 hours a week clipping coupons and combining them with store sales to buy household and grocery items for 85-100% off. Usually the quantity of household items will be, well, exaggerated – see abovereferenced 68 bottles of mustard in one shopping trip or stockpile of thousands of tubes of toothpaste. Also this show is often on back-to-back with Hoarders, which can be confusing. I would recommend checking it out except it is not on Netflix or Hulu I think, which is the only reason I still go in to work.

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