Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

It’s the apocalypse,* when we do whatever we want whenever we get around to it!

Writers and Kitties.  Thank you, Emma, for showing me this tumblr.  I like writers and I like cats!  I approve this message you are sending, tumblr-makers.  I expect to lean on you heavily over the next few days, when I go home to put my cat down on Saturday and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday. D: D: D:

Hungover Owls.  Another classic tumblr!  It feels inevitable, actually, that someone would at some point look at an owl and say, “Hey, that owl squints the way I squint when I wake up hungover.”  And then that person would go on the Internet to pair owl photos with hangover jokes!  I LOVE THE INTERNET.

“Judas.”  I refuse to tell you the number of times I listened to this today, because I want you to be my friends.  Liking Lady Gaga is all well and good, but I might have crossed a line somewhere.  “Judas” makes me want to be a robot dinosaur for four minutes and eleven minutes; it’s so beautifully, clinically electronic in places.  I look forward to throwing on an open motorcycle vest, slicking my hair into a La Roux-style swoop and dancing to it at a bar.

Buffalo Exchange.  I found aforementioned motorcycle vest there on Saturday, among several other things for a dollar, including a pair of Gap jeans that (as I found later) magically fit me.  I have never owned jeans that were not from LB, Walmart or acidwash ones from the women’s clearance at Sears, so that made for a nice evening.

The recent AS article on Uganda.  GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.

Now if you’ll pardon me, I should do some yoga and “avoid” thinking about my cat and watch Netflix.



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