Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Gentleladies and gentlemen, I am sitting in a coffeeshop that plays Duffy. That is because this coffeeshop is only one block from my new apartment! Other places of business on this streetcorner: an old-fashioned bakery, a liquor store, an Indian/Nepali restaurant, and a breakfast diner.  Hopefully the  confluence of all these places will incite me to leave my apartment more often (or ever).

One of the baristas is busy sweeping up the floor nearby, since the coffeeshop closes in 24 minutes, and I can hear her singing quietly to “Warwick Avenue.”  She’s got a good voice.

Kanye’s half-hour film for “Runaway.” I pulled it up on YT out of curiosity, really, and was (still am) surprised at how much I liked it.  Consequently, after nagging Emma/Batia/Rachel to lend me the new album, I am surprised at how much I enjoy My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  “All of the Lights,” anyone?

We got approximately a bajillion pageviews in the past three days. Why?  I don’t even know.  But thanks, everyone!

The King’s Speech. No wonder this had so many nominations!  Colin Firth more or less locked down Best Actor in the first scene.  I was thisclose to crying at one point during the film and, as Rachel can attest, I don’t cry at movies.  (Except for Atonement but, I mean, come on.)




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