what do you teach your children about me

the weirdest moments of black history month, in no particular order:

+ sitting on the bike at the gym and leaving my copy of Jean Toomer’s Cane shut while I read an issue of Self

+ hearing Halle Berry describe herself as “a slave to fashion” at the oscars

+ attending a Mark Bradford exhibit with my dad and having him tell me about the generation in oklahoma that still remembers the tulsa race riot: “they have all these numbers for everything that happened now, three hundred dead, but back then no one knew anything. there would be people who had been there, policemen or firefighters, and they would tell people what had happened and everyone said they were just making it up.”

+ this happened

+ and today, the best part of all: i got a company mailing telling me about how admirable it is that the corporation i work for is “funding an innovative new program to fight the diabetes epidemic among African-Americans”


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  1. Batia

    *your* copy of Jean Toomer’s Cane?

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