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Rhymes I freestyled this morning while under the influence of Childish Gambino (who is really quite good with wordplay and doesn’t deserve his reputation associated with me):
  • You know I work in academia / Like I’ve got septicemia
  • Call me a post-structuralist / ‘Cause I’ma gonna break this shit

I stopped once I realized A) I was freestyling; B) I couldn’t quite recall what septicemia was; and C) the septicemia rhyme, once I remembered what that was, made no sense.

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an open letter to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past years have been a torment. I bought the DVD of Pride & Prejudice with the single object of seeing you….  I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, reality’s expectations, and the fictionality of your birth by imagination and authorial circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside.  I love you, most ardently.  Please do me the honor of accepting my hand.

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Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Gentleladies and gentlemen, I am sitting in a coffeeshop that plays Duffy. That is because this coffeeshop is only one block from my new apartment! Other places of business on this streetcorner: an old-fashioned bakery, a liquor store, an Indian/Nepali restaurant, and a breakfast diner.  Hopefully the  confluence of all these places will incite me to leave my apartment more often (or ever).

One of the baristas is busy sweeping up the floor nearby, since the coffeeshop closes in 24 minutes, and I can hear her singing quietly to “Warwick Avenue.”  She’s got a good voice.

Kanye’s half-hour film for “Runaway.” I pulled it up on YT out of curiosity, really, and was (still am) surprised at how much I liked it.  Consequently, after nagging Emma/Batia/Rachel to lend me the new album, I am surprised at how much I enjoy My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.  “All of the Lights,” anyone?

We got approximately a bajillion pageviews in the past three days. Why?  I don’t even know.  But thanks, everyone!

The King’s Speech. No wonder this had so many nominations!  Colin Firth more or less locked down Best Actor in the first scene.  I was thisclose to crying at one point during the film and, as Rachel can attest, I don’t cry at movies.  (Except for Atonement but, I mean, come on.)



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how to cook

1.  Pick a base ingredient:

  • rice
  • potatoes
  • pasta
  • egg
  • chickpeas

2.  Pick a combination of side ingredients!  You must use at least two:

  • spinach
  • tempeh
  • onion (yellow)
  • onion (red)
  • garlic
  • kale?  (a daring move!)

3.  Spice up your life:

  • paprika
  • cumin
  • oregano
  • pepper
  • salt
  • crushed red pepper (YUM)

4.  Throw base ingredient in pot or (more likely) pan, depending what you picked.  Pan should have either barely enough or way too much oil.

5.  Throw side ingredients in pan, either the same one as the base ingredient or its own, if base is in pot.

6.  Let everything sizzle.  Sprinkle with chosen spices as preferred.  Don’t be cheap!  Sprinkle them all up in that pan!

7.  Eat!

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Today I officially moved out of HRHF Temporary World Headquarters and into an apartment I found on Craigslist, to live with strangers who posted for a roommate on Craigslist. Then I went to the grocery store, bought a shit-ton of vegetables and carbs, and subsequently developed blisters on my hands when I carried all the bags home. Moral of the story: go to the grocery store more frequently. Alternatively, invest in one of those rolling carts with a fabric bag lining the basket.

On the other hand, I have my own apartment now! It is like I am a Real Live Adult. And one of my roommates is listening to Edith Piaf down the hall!


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and then there were four

I made two more tumblrs yesterday.  Because you can never have too many, it seems.

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what do you teach your children about me

the weirdest moments of black history month, in no particular order:

+ sitting on the bike at the gym and leaving my copy of Jean Toomer’s Cane shut while I read an issue of Self

+ hearing Halle Berry describe herself as “a slave to fashion” at the oscars

+ attending a Mark Bradford exhibit with my dad and having him tell me about the generation in oklahoma that still remembers the tulsa race riot: “they have all these numbers for everything that happened now, three hundred dead, but back then no one knew anything. there would be people who had been there, policemen or firefighters, and they would tell people what had happened and everyone said they were just making it up.”

+ this happened

+ and today, the best part of all: i got a company mailing telling me about how admirable it is that the corporation i work for is “funding an innovative new program to fight the diabetes epidemic among African-Americans”

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