tao-lin-esque monetization schemes i have had

Most of them would really only work if I had the same internet following/fame/cult of personality, so, you know.

+ Selling origami cranes made of misprinted job applications from my shitty printer for $5

+ Selling my graduate school application writing sample (~35 pages) for $10

+ Selling handwritten copies of old journal entries for $15? $20? I don’t know

+ “Feed A Hipster” – a blog project in which I feed myself only on what I can make via paypal donations, and photograph/blog each meal

+ financial slave, a la slutever. i think this would only work if there were many pictures of me and my friends half-naked on the internet, also a la slutever, but whatevs.


If you are genuinely interested in any of these ideas, email heathernrachel at gmail dot com. In other news, things that have recently been eaten as full meals in my house: birthday cake and an entire package of tempeh. Merry Christmas.


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