the end of NaNo

Well, NaNoWriMo 2010 is officially over.  Did I win?  Did I hit the glorious 50,000-word mark, inciting the Earth to reverse its turning and a ray of sunshine to split the midnight cloud layer?  Um.  No.  Do I feel okay with that?  Yes.  Yes, I do.  I realized a little while ago –– sometime during last week, when I didn’t write at all because I was either working, sleeping or making food –– that I wasn’t going to make 50k, and possibly not even make 20.  So I made the new goal of hitting at least the halfway mark: 25,000 words.  For a first-time NaNoer, I’d tally that a win, right?  Because NaNo’s over, but the project’s not.

  • words: 25,661
  • main characters: 4
  • discrepancy between Scrivener and official NaNo word counter: +/-170 words
  • mornings I chose to sleep in and avoid winter flu rather than write, planning to do it when I got home from work, but that night was too tired/talked to people on Gchat/got suckered into watching TV with Mom: too many
  • times I decided to take a half hour lunch at work and write, but wasn’t able to because my coworkers were in the breakroom already and ignoring them would be rude: 3
  • playlists created to thematically correlate to project: 1
  • research books read: 1
  • Google (re)searches done: a whole bunch
  • average words per day: 856
  • cats that slunk onto my lap/chest/face/keyboard when I was typing, ruining my groove: 1
  • working titles: 1
  • occasions on which I decided that calling this a “novel,” like calling myself a “writer,” was a sham and a joke and maybe I should stash away my terrible, pretentious efforts at fiction in a drawer before embracing my fate as an underwear saleswoman for the rest of my life: like, I don’t know, 57 or something
  • occasions upon which my friends said, “hey. HEY NOW” when I was all, “what is even the point, I am so bad at everything”: see preceding bulletpoint
  • word processing programs used in writing process: 3
  • pages: 85


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2 responses to “the end of NaNo

  1. Rachel

    hey. HEY NOW.

  2. emma

    85 pages in a month is a big deal!

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