i hate stuff

heather loves stuff

we are both thankful for stuff, including but not limited to you.

we will write blog posts again when we are not so exhausted/poor/overworked/the literal embodiment of this image

just kidding, that will never happen, but we’ll write blog posts again soon



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2 responses to “brb

  1. Brianna

    Stuff Brianna Fucking Hates

    1. The internets not working all night until now when I should probably go to sleep
    2. The fear of laying down/going to sleep because my back hurts so much I’m afraid I won’t be able to get up later
    3. The feeling of my teeth being crushed by my retainers

    In other words, I fucking hate feeling like an old person and a teenager at the same time.

    Stuff Brianna Thinks is Super Great

    1. Having somewhere to complain right now
    2. Heather and Rachel’s feelings
    3. Something else I can’t think of

  2. emma

    my life is the literal embodiment of this image:

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