Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Darren Criss on Glee. Gentleladies and gentlemen, you have no idea how into this new Blaine/Kurt arc I am.  Blaine and his a cappella group should be in every episode.  Here, producers, I’ve made it easy for you –– here’s a list I compiled of characters whose screentime can/should be cut in order to make room!  1] Will Schuester (or, as he seems to be known lately, Creepy-Ass Will Schuester Doll, Sexual Predator Edition).  2] Rachel Berry, for obvious reasons.  3] Finn (assuming that he’s not wearing the Brad specs from Rocky Horror).  4] Quinn, since her character has lost any development from last season and seems to have regressed to being a huge jerk all the time.

Mike Gerbino’s “The Beauty Calibrator”:

Peter sent me this yesterday and I’ve since watched it three times.  Once –– this evening, when getting ready for work –– as I put on my makeup.  Yeah, I know.

Scrivener. I’d heard of this writing software before, but wasn’t willing to pay $45 for it, and so I forgot.  But Rachel found out that the company’s offering a free trial to wrimos that will end on December 7.  (Score!  Thanks, Rachel!)  Now I have my project divided not only into parts, but also arranged according to character, so I can see to which plotlines I’ve devoted more time and space.  Which makes me feel less haphazard, which actually got me feeling like a go-getter today when I sat down to write.  The past week has been a mega-difficult one for writing, but hopefully this next one will be better.  It’ll have to be, if I’m going to make the 50,000!

Coffeeshops. The Coffeeshop of Choice near Rachel and Emma’s is really the only reason, aside from Scrivener and my own guilt, that I got any writing done at all in this second week of November.  I need to hunker down and burrow in a place that would force me to pay for Internet access, instead of sitting at the kitchen island at home and reading Jez for free.

Guys, 30 Rock. Obviously.  And not just because John Slattery played a crazy, bestubbled politician on the most recent episode. The Precious satire?  Making fun of hipsters –– and the Tea Party, kind of –– in a way that’s still funny, even after all this time?  I for one am impressed and pleased, though not terribly surprised.

A Home at the End of the World, Michael Cunningham. Before I bought this book, the most I knew about it was that there had been a critically acclaimed movie adaptation a few years ago, featuring a full-frontal scene that had to be cut in postproduction because seeing a nude Colin Farrell distracted test audiences from the scene’s emotional depth.  Now that I’m in the middle of the book, I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that it’s as good as Kavalier & Clay. (With the acknowledgment, of course, that some of Cunningham’s plot points are thematically similar to Chabon’s in the final two parts of K&C.)


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