story of my life, Halloween edition

Events that occurred over Halloween weekend 2010:

  • Between us, Rachel and I worked approximately a million hours, but we made bank so hey.
  • I dressed as Joan Holloway for a party at which, it turned out, I was the only person who watched Mad Men. There was a lot of drunken “You look sooooo good!  Who…. arrrrrre you?”
  • At the same party, Andrew dressed as Mr. Rogers!
  • Quite a number of people I kinda/sorta knew in high school puked.
  • During trick-or-treating, a toddler dressed as a monkey shrieked that I was ugly.  “He doesn’t like masks,” the mother said.  I apologized and covered my masquerade mask with one hand while fetching the candy.  Afterward, when I thought he wasn’t looking, I lifted my hand.  Mistake.  “UGLY!” the baby screamed again, and pointed at my face.
  • My cousin and I bought eight bags of candy to hand out, since we always run out before trick-or-treating is over, but barely used three.  (Is it obnoxious to return candy to the store the day after Halloween?  We’re each out $20 and there’s no way I can eat that many Jolly Ranchers.)
  • A five-year-old hid in a cardboard box on the stoop. Thinking he had fumbled his costume –– like he was a robot or something, and had knocked off the top part –– I asked him what he was and he said, “A box.”


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3 responses to “story of my life, Halloween edition

  1. emma

    lol at the kid in the box. he is clearly my child, the long lost baby i left outside the police station all those years ago….

    i can’t believe a kid called you ugly. i would have taken the candy back.

    i saw pixxxxxx online and you and andrew looked great.

  2. Brianna

    I also worked over Halloween weekend.

    There was a female customer dressed like Michael Jackson.

    That is all.

  3. Rachel

    The last kid is the best kid. That mean baby sucks. Next year I’m dressing up as that mean baby to show it who’s boss.

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