Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Tomorrow I will pick up my college yearbook at the post office! In school, as a young’un, I was considered kind of weird because I actually liked pep rallies and also harbored a lifelong desire to be a cheerleader not because of the stereotype of popularity associated with it, or because I liked sports –– I really, really didn’t and don’t –– but because of the act of cheering.  In this same vein, I love yearbooks.  What can I say?  I am a sentimental beast.

Jezebel’s video gallery of Halloween makeup tutorials. I love makeup and costumery, obvs, so I like Halloween.  This year is one of the few times I haven’t constructed an absurdly complex ensemble and/or paint job; the video tutorials take me back to a simpler time when I didn’t have to go to a Halloween party straight from work and could, if I so chose, dress myself up as an awesomely accurate, completely unsexy Captain Planet.  Look at this Terminator tutorial and tell me that’s not impressive!

The Poisonwood Bible. It took me the reading equivalent of the Paleozoic era to get through this, but it was excellent!  I can see why a professor of ours used to talk about it so often.  The ending was heartrending and the characters –– one in particular –– went through such transformations that it makes my head spin, a little, trying to figure out how exactly Barbara Kingsolver did it.

Christmas bras. The clothing store I work at has started putting out its Christmas stock, mostly skivvies patterned with candy canes and lacy lingerie that happens to come in green and red.  The existence of such themed lingerie strikes me as hilarious.  It will stop being funny, though, if we get in any red negligees with white faux-fur trim.

Apple cider. Why don’t I have any right now?  Moreover, why does the local coffeeshop charge so much for a small cup of it?  *whine whine whine*


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