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Sometimes I neglect blogging because I’m angry and frustrated with myself.  Part of me feels that to live at an ideal level, to best understand others in both real life and in a writing capacity, I need to be some kind of cyborg.  To function as a window: a totally transparent medium with no individual markers or qualities aside from the ability to display others.* 

It’s a ridiculous notion, I know.  No one can entirely shut off their capacity to feel — and furthermore, who’d want to?  I certainly don’t.  I wish for a toggle switch.  So the more applicable the title of this blog becomes, the more reluctant I am to actually blog.  And this rule goes double for Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great, which is why you regular readers haven’t seen much of that lately.

As this blog goes on, Super Great Stuff seems more and more pointless.  I mean, what’s left to say?  “OMG, this week I still think Glee/Mad Men is awesome”?  “Look at these recycled links from Jezebel and/or Autostraddle, which most of you probably already saw on Wednesday”?  “Yes, I’m reading The Mysteries of Pittsburgh again”?**  It all seems so inane in comparison to what Rachel Fucking Hates –– the homophobia, racism, etc. –– and that’s as it should be.  Then again, we need something to counterbalance the onslaught of bad news and Katy Perry.  So, I don’t know. 

*This also contributes to my need for accuracy in certain Halloween costumes, like Captain Planet.
**Actually, I’m reading The Poisonwood Bible.  It’s about damn time.


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