facts of life

hi blog, i haven’t shared my feelings with you in a while. i mostly don’t have any feelings. feelings are for suckers. instead, here are facts.

  • cold, forever
  • i am reading freedom, it is making me feel slightly insane/think about jonathan franzen a lot
  • i have actually read a lot of books lately and have a lot more to read, which makes me really actually deliriously happy. richard yates, inferno, the wide sargasso sea. mcsweeney’s no. 27 thanks to marie lyn [riese] bernard.
  • i am wearing batia’s hat. i might wear it forever.
  • there are holes in this sweater
  • i tried making a pumpkin latte today, failed
  • i am going to have canadian thanksgiving with my mom and her boyfriend
  • i had a phone interview today. words that were said: “deadline-oriented,” “kickoff conference call,” “margaret said she wants to try being a barista one day.”
  • i ordered two pairs of shoes over the internet in a fit of ill-advised spending last week; am inordinately excited for them to get here
  • as of 45 seconds ago i am a google chrome user, as advised by heather. did you know that you can get a “mariah carey” or “american apparel” theme for your google chrome browser. i did not. i don’t feel okay. the theme i chose is called “zen spring.”



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  1. Heather

    i don’t remember what theme i picked, but it has fleur de lis.

    also, thumbs up on the interview!

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