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OK, so this “we’ll move the Great/Hate responsibilities to Saturdays” idea I had has not exactly panned out well.  So I’ve been posting on Sundays and sometimes (as now, since it’s nine minutes past midnight) on Mondays.  So somehow, Rachel has become the more punctual of the two of us.  I’m sorry.  I am terrible.  Where are the stocks?  Let me pop my hands and head in them.

I will be on time next weekend, I promise.  If not, I will build a set of stocks myself.

Gaga’s campaign for equal rights.  On a related note, certainly NOT Senate Republicans. Do I need to go on?  You’ve all heard about this already, on Autostraddle or CNN or elsewhere.  Go Gaga.  Senate Repubs, go away.

Easy A. I meant to write about this last weekend, actually, but forgot; I saw it with Mom the day after it came out, and then again last night with the Professor and the (visiting) Filmmaker.  Because the Filmmaker went to film school — hence the title — and has a tendency to nitpick apart movies I like based on technical issues alone, going to the movies with her has become a little nervewracking — she can get judgey if you opinion clashes with hers.  And I realize that I do the same thing in respect to others’ reading selections, but, you know, it’s not like she goes to reading parties with me.  Anyway!  She, along with me and the Professor, found Easy A to be smart, funny and providing a fairly fresh perspective (of common sense) in media regarding female sexuality.  So go see it if you haven’t, is I guess what I’m saying.

Rachel got a haircut and I hear she likes it? PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS
(For those of you who don’t know Rachel in real life, she hasn’t cut her hair — much — in like forever.  I’ve known her four years and she’s never changed her hair, aside from where she used to part it, maybe.  This is a big deal.  Also, I like haircuts.  I get overly invested in the idea of hairstyling, I think, much as I do with dressing up in costume.)

Beth Ditto designed a second collection for Evans! I want that floral dress.  As a rule, I generally am not attracted to floral patterns on fabric, but damn, is it nice-looking.  Boy howdy, would it fall into my recent plan to class up my work attire.  When did she design her first collection for Evans?  And why was I not aware of it??

Crushed red pepper. Recently, I have been debating the value of adding crushed red pepper to every single thing I eat.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Good idea, amirite?

Eating homemade bread. Making it, not so much.  It turns out that I didn’t know the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius well enough to produce bread with active, living yeast.  Now I have two and a half loaves of what the Professor has dubbed lembas bread.  It tastes fine, but has the heaviness/chewiness of dough and if you were to throw it at someone’s head, you would definitely kill them.

Autostraddle has an article about Judith Butler! The gender studies dilettante in me got pretty stoked when I stumbled across this a few days ago.  Judith Butler, you guys!  Awesome and so freaking hard to read!  I need this explication like I need a hug, which is always.  (But okay, let’s be real.  I don’t need hugs so much as I just want them, all the time.)

Satellite radio. The Professor’s car is in the shop, so she’s had to drive around a schmancy rental for the week, which has Sirius and is approximately the size of a yacht.  I’m going to miss it when she goes back to the Kia and we can’t ride around in style, listening to songs about yellow baskets on the “40s on 4” station.  Today we ate breakfast at a diner and then went for a Sunday drive, playing music that belongs at a WWII-era Sadie Hawkins dance.  What could possibly accompany such a drive once the luxury of satellite radio is taken away?  Knowing the Professor, obscure hair metal.


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