Dear friends, I am incompetent at many life tasks, including getting stains out of my clothes and returning phone calls. But my housemates Batia and Tegan are competent at many tasks, and so long story short now we have a kombucha baby/mama/baby mama growing in a jar on our counter. I KNOW, RIGHT. Please get all your SCRAM bracelet jokes out of your system before heading to the comments section. Anyways it’s pretty awesome/gross, and the only way I know to express excitement/emotion about anything is via blogging, so. Get ready for KOMBUCHA PICTURES. It’s about to get fuckyeahkombucha dot tumblr dot come up in here. (To be updated fairly frequently, or at least as frequently as something gross happens inside our kombucha jar.)

PS: Uh, happy Rosh Hashanah! L’shana tovah!


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