sojourn in suburbia part 3

My dad left at 8 am for work and will not be back til 9 or 10 at night, so today is light on the terrible/AWESOME quotables. The only other person with whom I have had any human interaction is my aunt’s cleaning lady, Robin. I offered her tea when she got here to assuage my guilt about largely ignoring her for the rest of the time she was here. She did not want any tea. The rest of my day has been spent watching the X Files, complaining about how cold I am, reading Gawker posts on Tao Lin, making tea, wishing someone else would make me tea, wishing someone would read selections of TS Eliot’s “The Wasteland” to me while I drank tea. Why is my life so hard? I don’t know. It took me three hours to write one email today. Suburbia is a disease. I’m going to go watch Bones now.



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3 responses to “sojourn in suburbia part 3

  1. Brianna

    You know what’s worse than suburbia? Rural towns. GET ME OUT.

  2. andrew

    aww, i always wanted someone to read me t.s. eliot! only over the phone ’cause i’d probably start blushing or something BECAUSE OF MY ‘FEELINGS’.

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