shit my dad says part deux

August 23, 2010

[on the adult students he teaches at a local tech institute] “Sometimes I think I should just bribe my students not to come to class so I can go home. But then I would have to teach them what the word “bribe” means, so maybe it’s not worth it.”

[after I got him a slice of cake and cup of tea] “This must be how a king lives!”

“So do you keep in touch with your friends on email and stuff when you’re on the computer? Is that what you do?”

[on the game of bejeweled i was playing on my phone] “Oh, is that a game? It’s pretty! Pretty colors!”

“To me, music is art, so it’s okay to listen to it for a long time. TV isn’t art. That’s just one man’s opinion.”



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5 responses to “shit my dad says part deux

  1. Brianna

    That first one is bad. My uncle is kind of like that. I’ve had to stop him mid-explanation to let him know that I do, in fact, know what a taco is .

    Lately “capitalism” is the word he thinks I don’t understand.

    • Rachel

      mostly my father is just the manifestation of everything that could possibly be wrong with the educational system/america. like he complains all the time about how ‘dumb’ all his students are and how they’re failing their classes without any awareness of the fact that teachers like him are probably why they’re failing. sometimes i can temporarily forget how awful it is and think it’s funny.

  2. Hey Rachel, I thought I should stop lurking and actually comment – found you via Autostraddle (loving the stuff you’ve been writing there lately).

    Enjoying your blog 🙂

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