Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Huge. Like every other fat ladyblogger on the interwebs, I started watching this show when it started a few weeks ago.  My mom and I watch together, and while it’s caused some psychologically significant bickering, generally we like Huge.  It’s pretty nice to see people who look like you on TV, being treated like ordinary people.  A few times the dialogue has made me cringe, but it’s a drama.  The show has addressed eating disorders, LARP, teen relationships, family dynamics, social awkwardness, and produced the two best parodies I’ve seen in a while (Love Handles, a reference to More to Love, and Phantasm, a version of Twilight in which the Edward character is a ghost).

Mad Men. I want to marry and then have fashionable, mysterious, alcoholic children with this show.  Also, on a related note, I want to send a fruit basket to the person who invented this Tumblr. (Spoiler alert on the Tumblr.)

Making fun of the advice in Cosmopolitan. Last night at work, I seriously considered taking a Cosmo as one of my two free Friday magazines, if only to mock incessantly the “Untamed Va-jay-jays!” article on this blog.  But then I realized that my boss would think I actually read it, and the snob in me can’t allow that to happen.

Motown. Every now and then I put on an album or artist I haven’t listened to in a long time and then that will be all I listen to for weeks.  Guys, how great is Aretha Franklin?  Super great.  And Diana Ross and the Supremes?  Also great.  (Though not quite as much, let’s be real.)   They keep me hanging on, make me feel like a natural woman, like I’m one in a chain of fools giving the RIAA money, etc.  And speaking of old-school R&B…

Jose and Comfort did hip-hop to Otis Redding on SYTYCD and it was glorious.

SYTYCD ended recently, I think, but Mom and I are behind by about three weeks.  To be totally honest, I rarely paid attention to the weeks before that.  I can’t bring myself to care much anymore, which is why there’s been a noticeable lack of dance clips on this blog as of late.  But every now and then I’ll catch part of it and there will be a routine that makes me straighten up and think, hey, I should embed that.  This is one of them, for obvious reasons.  A) Hip-hop.  B) Otis motherloving Redding.

I was going to blog about how awesome it is that Dmitri’s on OKCupid, but Rachel got to it already, so ah well.

Building furniture. Anyone moving in the recent future, give me a call!  I will not necessarily carry the big items upstairs, being afraid to break them and myself, but I can assemble IKEA like nobody’s business.  I’ll also throw in some age-inappropriate puns on “screwing” for no extra charge.  You can’t see me because this is a blog, but I just winked slyly.

“Love the Way You Lie,” by Eminem and Rihanna? More accurately, this falls under Stuff Heather Isn’t Sure How to Feel About.  Britni at Oh My God, That Britni’s Shameless did a good job of covering the controversy in asking whether it’s “empowering or disturbing,”  but I don’t see why it can’t be both.  Disturbing because it can be easily interpreted, as some have been doing, as a love song to an abuser; it muddles and simultaneously reinforces the female-as-victim trope.  Like he says, “I can’t tell you what it really is / I can only tell you what it feels like”: it provides a perspective that could alter the public perceptions of domestic abuse, whether to a positive (“It will never change”) or negative (“She likes it”) effect.  What do you think?  I’m curious.


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  1. Brianna

    I saw the cover of Cosmo at work, too. I couldn’t roll my eyes hard enough. “va-jay-jay” is just embarrassing.

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