majoring in english part 2: the reckoning

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently.  My life is boring.

I started a new job today.  I sell books at the local airport, or that’s what I tell people, but the majority of customers buy bottled water or gum or magazines.  I worked eight hours and sold maybe six books, two of which were by Steig Larsson.  At one point this relatively attractive peer bought a plastic-bagged magazine with a nearly naked Lindsay Lohan on it, and I hoped it would be a porn mag so I could demand ID, because that would be a break from regular ringing and I’d get to manifest what little authority I have, but it was a Maxim.  No ID required for Maxim (though my trainer snarked this morning that it should be).

On the plus side, I discovered that on Fridays, all employees get to take home two free magazines.  So it turns out that both my jobs give me free stuff!  Yesterday my mall job sent me home with a tunic that would ordinarily cost a double shift there before taxes.



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4 responses to “majoring in english part 2: the reckoning

  1. Rachel

    tunic?!? they are great, tell me more

    • Heather

      it is blue and has a hood and is meant to be worn with leggings. also, it is a size smaller than what i usually wear, but maybe that’s because it’s designed to be big?

  2. andrew


  3. emma

    yo, free tunic and magazines is a pretty good deal! you’re not gonna get that at a publishing house (actually, maybe the magazines….)

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