the future: it’s coming

Today in coffeeshop news: one of the baristas at Nearby Coffeeshop of Choice has a portafilter TATTOOED ON HER ARM. I’m throwing in the towel. This is too intense for me. YOU WIN, OTHER BARISTA.

In other news, I would like to highlight some exciting events taking place in the near future, in rough chronological order:

+ it will be my birthday soon! I had planned to write a whole post about things I want, in the hope that we have some secret crazed fan who will buy it for me, but actually I don’t want that much stuff and most of the things I do want are embarrassing (i.e. a knife sharpener, someone to repair my broken flip-flops.) I think what I mostly want is for that day at work to not suck, and there isn’t much that any of you can do about that.

+ it will be Batia’s birthday soon too! Also, Batia’s coming home! Batia, like Emma, shares the dual title of Rachel’s Roommate and Friend of the Blog. She is also a fellow Chickpea Enthusiast, Ranbir Kapoor Fan, and Dosa Connoisseur. I am excited to have her back, and also to eat dosa with her.

+ actually though around exactly the time that Batia comes back/turns 22, I am going to visit my dad for like 4 days. So get ready for that. Jesus God.

+ someday Emma and I are going to watch My So-Called Life, which is an apparently formative experience that neither of us have ever had. I am excited about this. I don’t ask for much.

+ because Sarah apparently has life plans outside of copyediting articles on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, I am going to be relatively higher on the hierarchy of unpaid leadership excellence at autostraddle soon. This is terrifying but presumably there are many intangible benefits, like getting snarky emails from people involved with the production of The Real L Word, and forcing Sarah to endure panicked gchats late at night.

So yeah, this is kind of a shitty post, but mostly I am here to apologize for the lack of real posts lately, and to express my vague optimism that the situation might improve in the near future. I think maybe Heather and I are both kind of ground to a pulp by the monotony of living with parents and making “babycinos” for $9 an hour respectively, and that lately all we’ve felt up to is morosely browsing Craigslist. If we’re being completely honest. BUT I hear they have pills for that now, so get excited! It’s all going to be fun and games from here on out. Like Sorry. That’s a game.



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5 responses to “the future: it’s coming

  1. Brianna

    “I am going to be relatively higher on the hierarchy of unpaid leadership excellence at autostraddle soon.”

    This doesn’t mean you’ll be writing less for Autostraddle, right? Right?

    Also, congrats!

    • Rachel

      no, on the contrary, it means i will write basically everything that riese doesn’t write. it means that i will write more than i do now, plus copyedit what other people write. also that i will need to stress eat a lot. thank you for the congratulations.

      • Brianna

        Sounds good for Autostraddle’s well-being and not so good for your mental health. If you could handle juggling university + 500 jobs/internships you handle this, though. Just my perspective as a random internet stranger.

        I hope that having some guest writers takes some of the pressure off of you and Riese(and not the other way around)

        go team autostraddle, go!

  2. Batia

    My So-Called Life is mostly great, except for its occasional forays into “very special episode” territory, and that time there was an angel. I saw it when I was a teenager though, so would be interested in knowing how it is from a post-high school perspective.

    I am also excited to be back, eat dosa.

  3. andrew

    my so-called life! a constant reminder that the ’90s are dead forever.

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