Stuff Rachel Has Feelings About Kinda

Yeah I don’t know guys, I just don’t really hate anything this week. I’ve had four days off in a row, which means I haven’t had to make a single half-caf 2% extra-dry iced mocha cappucino, and so my baseline level of rage is just a lot lower. So instead, uh, please enjoy this list of stuff that like happened this week I guess? It’s like a daily fix but there are no links or sexy tumblrs and it’s just about my life.

+ I sampled several different soy lattes in the area, because I was feeling fancy (aka feeling like hot milk with espresso was worth $4) with mixed results.

+ Made vegan scones, ate them

+ uh, Prop 8 was repealed? So that’s a thing. Somehow we got to be like the second news source to break the story, which gives me the singular distinction of having something I wrote be retweeted 259 times. I also read the entire 138-page decision, which turned out to be a surprisingly satisfying experience.

+ Everyone is employed now! Or at least Heather and Emma are. Heather was already employed, but now she is double-employed. I would say we should double-celebrate but it turns out that no matter how employed we are, we’re all still broke.

+ On Wednesday Peter and I witnessed a fugitive bunny. It wasn’t a wild bunny, it was a domestic bunny escaping into the wild. It was awesome.

+ Also, we watched Inception! Mostly I was proud of myself for participating in a cultural phenomenon before it was completely over.

+ I started following Kanye West on twitter. It’s actually really reassuring, because on any given day I’m apparently more stable than Kanye.

+ I downloaded St. Vincent’s new album, although I think it’s maybe actually a little old now. Anyways it’s pretty good.

+ I think I want Emma Watson’s haircut. Liz told me it would be a bad idea, Batia told me to “do itttt,” and Emma said she would go with me for moral support. I think it mostly wouldn’t look as good on me. It’s a weird place to be in your life when you realize that you’re just never going to be able to live up to Hermione Granger’s hairstyle.

+ I’m obsessed with Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me.” Sorry, that’s just how it is.

+ Yeah I don’t know, there’s this thing where they say if you send them the unhealthy food in your house they’ll send you free granola. I might do it on the off chance they’re lying, because goddamn do I love granola.

+I guess Vegan July is over? I keep meaning to write a “retrospective” and talk about it, but I am too busy doing stuff like sleeping and eating walnuts and forgetting to do my laundry.

+ My mom is going on a fancy vacation to Spain with her “international lover” aka long-term boyfriend. She’s leaving this weekend – tomorrow, actually – and letting my little brother housesit. (?!?!) My birthday will happen while she is gone, so maybe she’ll bring me back wine. ARE YOU LISTENING MOTHER.

+ This thing about how black people don’t know how to swim or something? Yeah, not sure how to feel. My first instinct was that this was kind of a fluff story about a relatively unimportant social disparity – like, East Asian Muslims less likely to buy iced coffee – but on the other hand, drowning is awful, and sometimes I forget that real people die that way and not just in Baywatch. Someone tell me what to think.

Ok, um sorry about that! Maybe someday I’ll do something interesting!



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6 responses to “Stuff Rachel Has Feelings About Kinda

  1. Peter

    I am glad you read the whole ruling. I was a little afraid you weren’t going to.

    On the day Prop 8 was repealed, every subreddit borrowed the lgbt subreddit’s banner.

  2. Brianna

    “half-caf 2% extra-dry iced mocha cappucino”

    What. This is why I can’t be a barista.

  3. Heather

    1) I agree with you re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    2) I also agree re: the haircut. I love it and it would totally work with your bone structure, but I’m having a bit of trouble actually picturing you with that cut. However! You should do it if that’s what you want.

  4. andrew

    i have a sick fascination with the kanye twitter

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