i am a writer, writer of fictions

and I just proved it to everyone by doing it (writing fiction) in a coffeeshop.  Yes, I am now One of Those People Who Write On Their Macbook in Coffeeshops.  I woke up this morning, decided to try it (again, as I have never been able to focus enough on actually writing whenever I go to a coffeeshop/library/etc to do such a thing, due to peoplewatching and so on and so forth), and the experiment has proven successful!  I’m going to chalk today up as a win.  Low expectations and all that.

The best thing would have been to blog at said coffeeshop, but their WiFi is locked and I figured I might have to pay for it, so.

Other things I did today:

  • scoured Craigslist for jobs
  • finished No One Belongs Here More Than You
  • went to a restaurant and applied to be a waitress
  • went to apply to another job, to sell books at the airport, but got tangled up in the airport roadways and couldn’t find a place to park that wouldn’t charge me at least three dollars for the service, so I left and decided to apply via Craigslist instead
  • went back to AHWOSG, which is what I’d been reading before ILL came through with aforementioned No One
  • crossing the border –– again –– from poseur to halfway-legitimate hipster (see above)
  • drank hot chocolate at the outrageously air-conditioned coffeeshop
  • spilled hot chocolate on my dress


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4 responses to “i am a writer, writer of fictions

  1. emma

    now the clones are sexy teens
    they’re gonna make it if they try…

  2. Rachel

    heather i think you would be a very good waitress and also airports are terrifying. i have never seen clone high.

  3. Krista

    Let me just quote Guster here:

    no more sad and sunshine days
    trust me dear you’re better off this way
    you’ll be selling books at the airport

    That’s all.

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