dear livejournal

My goodness but today has been A Big Day. First I had a very enjoyable hipster date with Andrew, where we:

  • sat in a cafe and talked about being unemployed
  • went to American Apparel and punk’d an employee while admiring all the clothing
  • went thrifting, bought an ungodly amount of ugly sweaters
  • sat in another coffee shop and talked about film theory
  • sat on my patio and traded stories about people we hated in past writing workshops

I also accomplished many Adult Activities like remembering to take out my trash and paying my credit card bill. Then I went back to ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP in order to “send out my work” like “a real writer,” a process which is extremely disproportionately exhausting. I coaxed myself through it by telling myself that if I submitted to the Boston Review, Junot Diaz would be made aware of my existence, even if only for the second that he scrolled through the inbox. I also managed to send an email about one ad in the Craigslist’s “writing gigs,” section, which will never be responded to.

Tomorrow I am going to work at 7 am (!!!) and later boarding a bus to New York City, while hopefully someone else who writes things about Lindsay Lohan for lesbians on the internet will meet me and then get me drunk. Wish  me luck!


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  1. andrew

    “i mean, if you really think about, lynndie england is the new final girl.”

    ok, for realz:

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