frog update

They are not afraid of me anymore.  And what’s becoming clearer is that they are in adorable amphibious love.  Like those otters from the infamous YouTube video, they actually hold hands in the water –– several times a day –– and oftentimes, simultaneously, will float facing each other so their noses touch.  So cute! I thought.  Sir Humphrey and Lady Em –– Emma and Emma –– they are total gaymos* in love!  (Because why would Brookstone send me frogs with the ability to mate?)  SOOOO CUTE!  At which point I did some research to find out what sex they were.

Guess what?  Yeah, you know what:  Sir Humphrey is totally a female.  And Lady Em is quite clearly a male.  (I checked half a dozen websites just to make sure.)  Does anyone know if you can neuter African dwarf frogs?  They’re so little, I’m afraid the neuterer would scalpel them in half.

*Vocabulary temporarily borrowed, with love & respect, from Autostraddle.



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3 responses to “frog update

  1. emma

    i’m glad emma and emma are getting along!

  2. Rachel

    omg are they going to do it? what if there are frog babies? once in fourth grade we had to raise guppies and mine and Bobby Crowther’s had babies and then ate them. but i’m sure your frog won’t do that!

    • Heather

      You have no idea how worried I am that they will have babies. I’ve already started taking surveys of people I know, trying to determine if they would adopt some. (Thus far: 1 taker.)

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