hard out here for a recent college grad with limited internet access

My roommate had a used wireless router sent to her in the mail by her stepfather today, and I had an entire post planned out of how exactly I would announce my return to wireless internet. But predictably neither my roommate or I could figure out how to make it work, so instead she made some cookies where you use avocado instead of oil and I read the new novel of my thesis advisor, which is enjoyable but ultimately kind of depressing in terms of how easily I am able to relate to the travails of an insecure exercise-addicted middle-aged gay HR rep.

Other things that have occurred in my life today that have made me question my efficacy as a human being: trying TWICE to get my debit card activated (after needing a new debit card because I dropped my old one while at a Pride party even though I really honestly wasn’t even drunk, like I did not have a single drink I am just clumsy and lose things easily). This entailed being told twice that there was “a problem with my activation” and that I would need to “talk to customer service,” except it turns out that customer service is just the customer service menu which I am completely unable to navigate. Also, the second time, the customer service menu was like closed because it was after hours and so I was told to call back to talk to the customer service menu tomorrow, but not before being pitched an identity theft insurance plan for twenty minutes by a Southern woman who was simultaneously so aggressive and so bored that I relented. I almost cried. Also, I have this fifty dollar ticket from the city that I got because I forgot street cleaning was a thing, and I would very much like to pay it so I can feel like I accomplished something today, but I have no debit card still, so. In actuality my greatest accomplishment for today was “considering signing up for a farmshare but ultimately not doing it because I do not have $500 to spend on kale.”

I did however not eat a single dairy or egg product today that I know of. Oh wait. Yes I did, I ate a “mojito flavored” cupcake at the expensive cupcake bakery down the street. BUT I also ate one vegan cupcake earlier that day, so I think that should count for something. Also my advisor signed my copy of his book with “looking forward to your first book,” SO obviously I’m headed for great things. Obviously.

PS: Heather’s leggings looked great today, she wore them with ankle boots



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4 responses to “hard out here for a recent college grad with limited internet access

  1. Heather

    How was the mojito cupcake? I hope it was delicious. I ate dinner tonight with my family and then went out to Applebee’s to eat buffalo chicken because they had half-off appetizers, so… you’re still winning in the food department.

  2. Batia

    I know this is a complain-y blog entry, but all I can think when I read this is how much I wish I could be there livin’ the dream with you guys.

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