the frogs have arrived

Way back at Christmastime I mentioned that I had been given a kit to raise aquatic frogs, with a number to call for delivery, and I put out an open call for names.  I don’t know if you remember.  Well, anyway.  The frogs are here, finally, and they have names!  May I introduce to you –– sans photos, as I am afraid flash photography will permanently blind their minuscule eyes and I haven’t used my phone camera enough times to know how to de-flash yet –– Sir Humphrey Montgomery and Lady Esmeralda.  (Emma and Emma, for short.)

They are identically greenish-brown, their torsos are about the length of my thumbnail, and they are clearly, definitively petrified by me.


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One response to “the frogs have arrived

  1. Batia

    Lady Esmeralda… saucy!

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