Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Married to the Sea. This comic in particular:

The genderfuckery in the “Alejandro” video. I’ll be honest, “Alejandro” is not my new favorite video; the Teutonic imagery makes me feel super uncomfortable.  But I totally dig Gaga’s role reversal of the heterosexist power structure — not just the obvious bend-over boyfriend scenes, but even the initial dance sequence, when Gaga watches over the all-male dancers as if she’s an overlord (overlady? overLady?).  Plus, A;ex’s screencap of Gaga’s lightsaber breasts on Autostraddle is pretty much the best graphic ever.

I got a new phone yesterday, guys!  And as someone who spent weeks telling her parents she didn’t need a new phone, she could just recharge her old one three times a day, I really like this newfangled contraption. I can check my Gmail on it!  I have “Telephone” as a default ringtone!  It syncs the people I follow on Twitter with my contacts, so that when I find Rachel in my phonebook it lists her most recent tweet!  And it jingles when I have a notification, which is how I found out that someone hacked into my Facebook account today.  (A halfhearted hacker, though: s/he changed my status to “Dickkkkkkk” and then gave up.)

Marc Acito’s website (slash Marc Acito). After I missed the train to visit Rachel today and we made a plan to meet up tonight, I decided to read some Writer’s Yearbook 2010 in an effort to be productive/learn how to be a real writer/adult.  25 pages later and one “build your platform!!” article later, I looked up Marc Acito’s site, it being suggested as an example of Good Platform-Building, and damn if it isn’t.  Not only is Acito savvy, but he is funny and charming, and now I want to read his books.  Is this what I should do?  Dare I pay X dollars a month for my own domain name, like a certain guy I went to high school with who got an office job two months before he graduated college?  Do I need a URL consisting of my full name in order to be professional?  Can I afford my own website?  What would I put on it?  Maybe I will just sign up as a contributor to PopMatters or True/Slant instead.



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3 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Re: Websites: I use Dreamhost, and if you want to sign up, using the referral code FULLREFERRALOFF you’ll get $97 off the first year of hosting, which means that it’ll only cost you something like $25. (Disclaimer: normally when you refer a new customer, you get $97; the referral code takes the $97 that I’d get and applies it as a credit to your bill.)

    I’ve been with them for about ten years and am pretty happy about it.

    Also, ooh, new phone. What kind?

    • Heather

      LG Ally. It’s a smartphone! Legitimately smarter than me, anyway.

      Thanks for the website advice! I will look into it.

  2. Peter

    Let’s talk about websites! First, you can map a domain name to a wordpress account: That is about $15 a year.

    Dreamhost is pretty great (I hear), but you can also host a site on burstnet for about $6 a month. You are one of the few people under God’s blue sky that I would make a website for for free, so let me know what you want to do.

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